Rob Currie is a producer and sound engineer based in Gravenhurst, Ontario. He keeps a studio at Currie's Music, a well-known, eclectic shop he operates with his brother, Andrew. 

Recent work includes production and engineering of the albums, Tightropes & Loose Ends by Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers; an engineering contribution to the album, Man, Machine, Poem by The Tragically Hip; And recording and co-engineering Shawn-William Clarke's album, TOPAZ, produced by James Bunton.  Click on the "listen" tab to hear any of these albums. 
Rob's style in the studio emerges from his geek-level love of uncommon vintage equipment and an interest in authentic sounds produced through the use of natural reverb and room effects. With an appreciation for realistic, "human" qualities in recorded music,  Rob embraces honest sound and happy accidents.  He has an experimental approach to tracking, and is both skilled and adventurous when it comes to mic techniques and ambient sound.  Rob works both creatively and technically with musicians in the studio, bringing the best performance forward during recording, whether by recommending new approaches to phrasing, chording or singing, or simply waiting for the perfect take to happen - he reaches to capture the perfect balance of emotion and musicianship. 

Rob's personal music collection is a vast and genre-spanning library.  Albums that frequent his turntable are by Swans, Frank Zappa, The Weakerthans, Hank Williams, Taylor Swift, The Wooden Sky, Joel Plaskett, The Poques, Loretta Lynn and Against Me. As a result of many years teaching guitar, playing in bands and working as a session musician, Rob's taste in music is far-reaching and his appreciation translates into dedication and care in the studio and a passion for working with great artists of all styles.

The recording studio at Currie's Music is a comfortable, welcoming space for musicians. Dimly lit, cozy, eclectically furnished and unpretentious, the room inspires creativity, concentration and a sense of ease without wall or window separating musician and engineer.  

Rob's interest in natural reverb recently lead to recording one of Bet Smith's songs in a pitched-ceiling and reverb-rich mansion, and earlier, a project with composer and piano player, Dan McCoy - tracking late at night at the Gravenhurst United Church. 

Rob has also recorded live performances for artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Walter Trout, Tim Reynolds (from the Dave Matthews Band), Cameo Blues Band, Marc Jordan and Shirley Eikhard, and has had well-loved artitsts Miranda Mulhulland, Aaron Goldstein, Denis Keldie and Burke Carroll in the studio for sessions.