Rates include Rob's time, the studio at Currie's Music and use of available amps and instruments.  (Please inquire in advance about any special requirements.)

Hourly rate: $40.00

Day rate: $300 for an 8-hour day.


A live-off-the floor EP with a four-piece band often requires one day of recording, and a day for mixing, exporting and transferring the files. Clients are welcome to attend while Rob is mixing, but it is not necessary. You will have the opportunity to make tweaks and changes before the mix is finalized.

A basic eight-track recording live-off-the-floor takes approximately one hour per song for mixing.
A tracked song can take between 3 and 20 hours per song, depending on the number of tracks and the amount of editing required. (For example, most of the songs on Loose Ends were 20-30 tracks deep.)

Rob can not master your recording, but can provide a list of mastering studios. Mastering fees range from $50 to $200/song depending on the studio and engineer.

Please send us a link to sound samples for a project quote.